"In describing the life path, I would liken it to a flower that buds, and at the appointed time, a time that is usually indicative of your desire to become something greater, it unfolds into full bloom"
-Ingrid Felton
"The Eagle knows and understands its goal and lives in the moment. It eagle enjoys looking down from above as he soars against the storm clouds and wind, yet it stays the course."
-Ingrid Felton
“I want to be a part of the transformational process that brings about such radical, long-lasting, and authentic change.”
-Ingrid Felton
"I am committed to helping others find their path because it makes it easier for our children to find theirs. " Its our destiny, but their birthright."
-Ingrid Felton
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What is alarming is not the question as to whether or not we are our brothers’ keeper, but the response which is echoed not by a small segment, but a much larger and disproportionate segment of the population. These people are seemingly in agreement with the fact that we are not responsible for each other, or each other’s outcome.

I believe that there is a social and individualistic responsibility not only to help where necessary, but to educate others so that they can help themselves and their families.

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